Welcome to  The All Saints Church Revised Common Lectionary Family Devotional Guide. We began providing a family devotional guide based on the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) texts for each Lord’s Day in 2011. So each week, prior to Sunday, a family could read the Psalm, the Lesson (usually an Old Testament passage), the Epistle (NT) and the Gospel texts that will be read and perhaps preached during the week prior to Sunday. This is to be  a practical aid for families, giving them a devotional for several days of the week, usually including the reading, an overview of the meaning, an insight into the passage, a child’s catechism question about the passage, a question for discussion, and a prayer.

Why the RCL? Although we are a theologically conservative, Reformationally-minded church in the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches, we use the RCL, though not the Apocryphal texts sometimes included. The RCL provides a good structure for remembering the events of the Liturgical Year (or Church Calendar), marking the life of Jesus, our Lord, as well as the experience of reading the Scriptures together with a large community in the Church, in many diverse congregations and denominations. The RCL provides a good representative reading of the Bible, especially moving through the Gospels, and tracking with the Liturgical Calendar, and does so in three one-year cycles.

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