Year B – Proper 12 – O Lamb of God Most Holy

O Lamb of God most holy!
Who on the cross didst suffer,
And patient still and lowly,
Thyself to scorn didst offer;
Our sins by Thee were taken,
Or hope had us forsaken:
Have mercy on us, O Jesus.

Thy peace be with us, O Jesus.

Though the harmony was arranged by J.S. Bach, this hymn’s text and tune was written by a grad­u­ate of the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Leip­zig (BA 1506), who was a monk. His name was Nikolaus Decius. In about 1519 he was in a  clois­ter at Ste­ter­burg, and began to hear of the Reformational work of Martin Luther. God was working in this man to accept the free grace of God. The great truths of the Reformation were founded upon the truth of justification by faith. As he begin to embrace the Reformational faith, God called him to Stet­tin as an evan­gel­i­cal preach­er and served the  Church of St. Ni­cho­las.

This hymn is often used for the Lenten season, but its truth is useful always. I calls for the  Lamb of God to have mercy on us and to grant us peace. Jesus is able to do this because he is most holy and he atoned for our sins through the cross. The most personal truth of many in this hymn to me is that “Our sins by Thee were taken.” Decius believed the gospel. He embraced the truth that his sins “by Thee were taken” and therefore as a result he believed Christ’s peace was with him.

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