Year B – Easter – Pentecost – That Easter Day

One thing Jesus’ disciples just didn’t “get” was that He had to die and rise again.  The two men on the road to Emmaus sure didn’t get it.  Certainly then, they didn’t get the fact that Jesus would ascend into heaven, and then send the Holy Spirit to them, even though He had taught that very thing before His death.  But on the day of Pentecost, when they received the Holy Spirit, it must have all finally made sense.

One hymn we are singing this Pentecost is mainly about the Resurrection and Easter, but there are some things that may not make sense until Pentecost.  There are three phrases like that:

“O Jesus King of gentleness, do Thou Thyself our hearts possess.”

“O Lord of all, with us abide.”

“Thine own redeemed forever shield.”

These phrases come alive when we realize that it is through the Spirit of God that these things are fulfilled.  Jesus promised us that He would not leave us alone when He went into heaven but would send the Spirit to comfort us, to be present with us, to teach us, and to lead us into all truth.  Through the Spirit, Christ “possesses” our hearts.  Through the Spirit, Christ “abides” with us.  Through the Spirit He protects, defends, and “shields” us.

All praise, O risen Lord, we give

To Thee, who, dead, again dost live;

All praise to God the Father be

And Holy Ghost eternally.


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