Year B – Easter – 6 – Now Let the Vault of Heaven Resound

This hymn may give you a feeling of deja vu.  Though its words originate within the last century, the tune dates back to just 100 years after the Reformation, and you will recognize the tune as being the same as “All Creatures of our God and King.”  The words to the two hymns differ, but their themes are similar:  in All Creatures we sing about all of creation singing for joy in praise of their Creator.  In Now Let the Vault of Heaven Resound, we are singing about new life and New Creation because of Jesus’ resurrection.

The first half of the hymn is sort of “heavenly” in theme.  That is, its setting begins in heaven after Jesus’ “triumphal entry” in His ascension.  So even Angels sing “loud and clear” at Jesus’ triumph.  The saving work He did for His people and His creation has “eternal” implications, the second verse says.  His work “gives us life” and “stills all strife.”  In other words, new life and peace with God is the eternal aspect of Christ’s sacrifice, and of His current rule over all.

Then the last half of the song brings the message closer to home.  It is our corporate supplication to God.  Based on our new life in Christ, we are asking God to give us love and a focus on His will and purposes, so that we glorify Him in everything about our lives.  And because we have been “raised with Christ” and “seated in the heavenly places” we recognize in the final verse that our praises fill Christ’s throne room in heaven, and is directed to Father, Son, and Spirit.

Indeed, all the creatures of our God and King lift up their voices to praise God their Creator.  From the smallest animals all the way to the Angels.  We, as God’s image-bearing crown of creation, have the great privilege and duty to join with and indeed lead all of creation in resounding praise, for “Christ has triumphed.”  Alleluia!


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