Year B – Easter 3 – See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph

Ever think to yourself, “The Triumphal Entry really wasn’t that triumphant”?  You’d be right, it kind of wasn’t.  Many people saw Jesus at that time as the King that He is, but many didn’t.  But there’s another “entry” that was triumphant:  when Jesus ascended into Heaven.  This Sunday we’ll be singing “See, the Conqueror Mounts in Triumph.”  It was written by an English pastor in the 1800s.  This pastor also wrote books and the lyrics of this song reflect his knowledge of literature.

We sing right away of Jesus’ ascension being triumphant and royal.  The picture is of Him on a chariot, coming on the clouds with the angels singing into heaven to receive dominion, glory, and a kingdom as Daniel 7 says.  Because of His death on the cross and His resurrection, we sing in the second verse, He has defeated Satan and “spoiled His foes.”

But one of the fun things about the Bible is how characters in the Old Testament are like Jesus.  This hymn mentions some in the last 3 verses:

Enoch, Aaron, Joshua, and Elijah

Enoch was like Jesus because he didn’t die but was so righteous that God took Him up.

Aaron was like Jesus because he was the High Priest who went into the tabernacle to perform forgiveness of sins for the people.

Joshua was like Jesus because he led the people into the Promised Land just like Jesus does for His people.

Elijah was like Jesus because he was a prophet who gave a “double portion” of his spirit to his successor, as Jesus gives us His Spirit.

Because of Jesus, the final verse tells us, we are defended by Him since He is King.  And because He ascended into Heaven, we are reminded that we will, too, someday.

Christ’s truly Triumphal Entry was into Heaven after His earthly work was done!


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