Year B – Easter 2 – Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted

Sometimes the things we do affect other people in ways we did not want them to.  Sometimes they aren’t even people we know!  If you have your driver’s license, and accidentally get in someone else’s way on the road, you might make them angry without trying it.  Or a joke you tell could hurt someone’s feelings without you trying it.  Most of these times, we don’t know what our actions did to others we didn’t know, but you would certainly care more if you knew the person and knew you hurt them, wouldn’t you?

One hymn we are singing this Sunday, called “Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted” and written over 200 years ago, is about Jesus on the cross.  We all know who He is, but the first verse teaches some of the more important things Jesus is: the Christ (anointed one), long-expected Prophet, Son of David and David’s Lord, God’s Son, and the true and faithful Word.  In a nutshell, Jesus is God, the one whom the righteous have been hoping would come for thousands of years!  The main event!  The Big Show!

But verse 2 reminds us what happened, and verse 3 gives us something important to think about.  Jesus went through grief as His friends denied Him, and His Father hid His face from Him.  But here’s the important thing to think about:  Jesus didn’t go through that terrible agony for someone else’s sin only, but for ours.  Your sin and my sin.  So when we think it is not worth trying to prayerfully struggle with sin, it is then that we should remember the Cross, and what our Lord went through because of it!

But your sin has been paid!  This is Easter season and we remember that though His death was terrible, it did its work and did it well.  So how about singing verse 4 with your family tonight to praise Him?

 Here we have a firm foundation, here the refuge of the lost;

Christ’s the Rock of our salvation, His the Name of which we boast.

Lamb of God for sinners wounded!  Sacrifice to cancel guilt!

None shall ever be confounded Who on Him their hope have built.


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