Year B – Epiphany 4 – Arise and Shine in Splendor

Has the electricity ever gone out at your house at night?  What did you do?  You probably have some candles and flashlights in a closet for these times.  But what happens until you find them?  Someone will grope around, trying not to trip over the dog or any furniture, and when he finds the light and turns it on, everyone gathers around it so they can see.  And isn’t it interesting how you can see the light from one little candle the whole way across your house?

When we sing “Arise and Shine in Splendor” this Sunday, think about light.  The first verse tells us that light has come into the world.  The light is clearly Jesus, the Light of the World!  The second verse tells us that the Light came for a special people, the Church.  Without that light, the earth is dark, hopeless, and gloomy.  The third verse tells us that though the Light came at first to one specific people and one specific place (Israel), it will go out to the very ends of the earth and people will be drawn to it.  Verse four tells us that not only people, but whole nations and Kings will come to the Light!  Finally, the last verse tells us that the Light awakens the world to the Church, and the Church to the world.

During this season of Epiphany, Light is the main subject.  We celebrate Jesus coming to the world to save His people.  We know that the news of His salvation will go the whole way around the world and people, nations, and kings will accept Jesus.  As a result of Jesus’ coming, people turn to Him and their hearts are filled with gladness which overflows in grateful service for the Light here in the world.

When you sing this song, sing loudly since you know that the Light has come to you and be thankful!

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